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Mar 28, 2011 11:35pm PDT
-old tan fla ya has been on testosterone. he is tried to look for a man. and he is coupled with it a workout regime that she began to trons form herself. i isn't see a hint of the woman she used to be. and tanya is female. he has the parts that hormones won't change. he wears a sports bra. why do you think you have to have the surgery? as you look now there is no way of telling you are a man. >> it's for me. when i look at the mirror, i don't look at myself completely. i don't look at this part. i hate it. >> reporter: he works in the family restaurant with his mother, kim. >> he is a boy trapped in the body. i'm having a hard with it. i'm losing my doubter. >> reporter: tanya was all about masculine things. buzz cuts, and puberty stuck early and that girl was angry. >> i was allowed at my paint, god. i allowed anger to catch up with my life. >> reporter: we caught up with him after the breast removal surgery. he is putting his best face forward with his new body. >> i all all my breast tissue taken out. i would love to be the first transgender male underwear model. come ch
Feb 28, 2011 6:30pm PST
buena vista in orlando, flas and irish from britain, ireland and across the u.s. >> the florida was organized by a company called enjoy travel who for many years have been organizing similar events in ireland and similar locations around the world. over the last 15 or 20 years we've taken irish music and dance to many locations around the world. initially started off with spain, portugal, and italy. in addition we've been to australia around the world a couple of times. we've even danced in fiji, and just recently we had a cruise up the nile. people started coming on the events literally from all over the world. most of them would come from ireland. a huge contingent from the u.k. over the last few years we've been enjoying increasing numbers from the u.s. >> all of them are irish descent. and they find that by going on the holidays they're having able to enjoy all of this, and enjoy what a new country or new location has to offer as well. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the enjoy travel tours have been a long time success running several times a year in different locations. ♪ >> t
Mar 26, 2011 10:00pm CDT
this year felt great. >> n.c.a.a. tonight's, florida and color are going down to the wire. sheldon mack fla. got deleted the three byte ervin walker. on the very next possession mack again pulls up to a three. dollars in the final four. for the second straight year they beat florida. i'm incredibly proud of these guys they carried it their coach today in a big way. i got out coach to big time. our players to the great job. it is just a special group and we are really lucky there but were bulldogs. >> yew kong facing arizona. huskies led by 5, 120 left. they get the ball back. you can't win zits 65-63. he has no spot and he will not go to the minors and he will try to work on a trade. this makes injured cashner the fifth starter. he got roughed up in the first inning. he gave the 5 run 3 kernel. the cubs came back to win. the cubs on on they won the game by 6-5. jeff marquez won a spot in the roster. white sox offense supplied by paul konerko. the stocks go down and the angels win it by a score of 6-3. casey scored to make a two-one and came in the 60th minute. >>
Mar 8, 2011 2:30pm PST
that is informative across the different regions. new york, san francisco, fla. learned from one another. each of our individual assessments bound together nationally in a way that will help us to do a state of the art assessment and learn as we go. that is what the project is about. starting at the top, what happened? that is down. starting at the top of the models of the slide we presented in the past, what are the state of the art climate modeling tools and techniques which she used in any assessment? -- which we should use in any assessment? all models are wrong but some are useful. which ones are useful, which are more wrong than others, which should we use? not just blindly following the data that we get but as the assessment requires and looking at what that data tells us or does not tell us and incorporate this that we get from non modeling tools and using this in our assessment. we are moving forward with that aspect which i would say is the most difficult part of what we have to do in the project. we are understanding what these models tell us or don't tell us. we will translate data that w
Mar 10, 2011 11:00pm EST
.../ tweets...// on--air...// a... hollywood, fla....,/ beauty pageaat... winner.../ is... stripped.../ of... her.../ crown.../ ááafteráá... winning... a competition.../ at... a porn.../ convention.../. áá21áá... -year-old... caroline schwitzky.../ was crowned .../ miss... weston.../ usa, .../ ááanáá... honor... she thought.../ would... be the first step.../ towards...// the... coveted.../ miss universe.../ pageant,...// áábutáá...// scvhwitzy...// was...// miss exxxotica.../ 2008...//////. ááschwitzkyáá.../ she... 18.../ when... she posed...// for... saucy... photos.../ for... the miss exxotica .../ contest.../// áásheáá... claims... she did it.../ for... the.../ money.../ lindsay.../ lohan .../ lacking.../ some... sense.../ when.../ it... comes to ourt...// attire --/////-áátodayáá...// she... wore...// stockings.../// ááasáá...// many... times...// as... she'
Mar 10, 2011 11:00pm EST
in back-to-back games. unseasonably chilly in great engine, fla., this evening. -- bradenton, florida. shortstops takes a fastball over the metal. it takes that oversee left field. the orioles win the series every match. state championship week for high school basketball team. a trip back to college park. the defending champs facing pg county. milford mill had a big lead early and never looked back. he threads of the needle. that advance to the finals with a 58-37 win. great atmosphere. howard county had the place rocking. nothing but nets. south hagerstown with a crazy come back. perfect. ties at 54. follow up, and no good. 56-54 the final. patterson knocks off east roosevelt. patterson will play for a state championship as well >> we are hoping that the rain is close to being at the end. >> a little sunshine come back tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us,
Mar 14, 2011 12:00am EDT
include fla flashbacks where they're experiencing the event, trauma, hyper judge lance, very sensitive to any similar reactions. there's avoidance of anything that may bear resemblance to the action that happened, to the hov horror. there's anger, sleep disorder so really from at least our statistics 10% of people exposed to these traumas will develop those symptoms. >> and we're seeing survivors who are very young, children who when you see their faces in some of the images they just look horrified and shocked along with their parents and also many elderly. do you treat different people differently depending on their age, for example, how would you treat a child for acute stress or posttraumatic trauma? >> well, the research indicates that children and adolescents can really benefit from spending time with similar-aged peer, so really for them to hang out with other kids and adolescents is the best treatment for them. they really can feel more comfortable, safer with them. connecting with their family and friends who perhaps experienced similar events in this really is the best. it's
FOX News
Mar 3, 2011 3:00am EST
is dying -- to buy a new house in flaw fla. but first, charlie sheen, yeah, charlie sheen. it is like he is a drug or something. >>> so, it seems like every day is sheen day. back by -- backed by a temporary restraining order and backed by cops brooke mueller removed his twin sons from his custody. chuck ain't too thrilled. >> wow. >> dada. >> bye. >> tiger blood drips from my veins. >> a real life cough ven of warlocks are pissed at sheen. they are upset over sheen declaring himself a vatican, assassin warlock. and now they plan to take action. says one warlock, quote, i am going to magically bind mr. sheen. not to harm him, but to prevent him from using this word in a negative manner in the future. i hope the affleck brothers do a movie about the boston warlock? that would be great. i never get tired of movies taking place in boston. >> they could rob banks with the pointy hats. >> but then why not? we must discuss this in our -- >> lightning round. >> forgot to go there. ways worried. where are my questions? andrew, should we be worried about his ex-wife or his warlocks more? >> neith
Mar 30, 2011 6:00am PDT
problems, there was that flaed flawed maintenance as well as uneven track wear that made traction more difficult for the trains. three of trains of 65 passengers were taken to the hospital complaining of neck and back pain. bart says the cost of derailment will likely exceed million dollars. bart is bringing in experts to perform an independent accident investigation. >> kristen: san jose city council has approved an ordinance requiring dog owners to keep their pets on shorter leashes in city parks. new law would prohibit any leash longer than six feet. current length allows for a 20-foot on city trails and parks. first time violate worries get a warning, second violation could result in $100 sigh ig nation. it comes to a 2009 accident when a woman tripped over a long leach. >> eric: california's baseball program may be reinstated by the end of the week. when a decision was made to cut the program for budget reasons, they say the program would need $10 million to keep running for the next seven to ten years. the fund-raising group has raised more than $9 million in private donations an
Mar 10, 2011 3:00pm EST
to langley she told me it was dane fla. it's funny. >> so even as cia agent can be duped. >> compartmented. we didn't ask. that was the culture. it's an intelligence service, extremely secretive. we kept secrets, knew how to keep them. this book was vetted by the cia to take out classified information. >> i'm assuming you must have made relationships when employed that people are seeing you, for example on this broadcast might be thinking, hang on a second, he lied to us. are you worried there might be some reprisal? >> they know i'm out, because i'm public. they might assume i'm still working for the cia but since i'm a major krits ticritic, i'm public, imnot worth it for them. >> "the company we keep," thank you. >>> just say no to porn? one woman thinks it could be behind the decline of marriage in america. hot waffles... the smell of warm maple syrup. honeysuckle and rosemary. the smell of shaving cream. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... giving you just what you need to keep your house smelling like it should. pu
Mar 26, 2011 7:00pm EDT
deserves that we listen to him and what he wants to do. host: back to the phones. orlando, fla., on our line for independents. caller: in regards to libya, we do not want to go to war. it is not something any president or the american citizens want. i think it is unnecessary action for us to intervene. we have to understand that muammar gaddafi is not a diplomatic leader. the long term ramifications can outweigh everything. we have to take into consideration. we as americans do not like war. we know the ramifications of work. if we have to intervene we have to make sure it is short term for the taxpayers. guest: i think the moslem brotherhood of's power is overrated. a lot of people are worried about it because they do not understand what that group is. it is split in two different locations in the world. it started in egypt in 1928. there are many different ideologies among the muslim brotherhood. the brotherhood in syria is almost nonexistent. if more than 10% to 15% of the egyptians support the brotherhood, i would be surprised. i think the assumption that they are going to take ove
Mar 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
in west palm beach, fla. which was brought to the attention of this very committee by senator bill nelson one year ago. birth defects in california including 20 babies born over less than two years with birth defects and four children with birth defects so severe they have since died in a town of only 1500 people. there are numerous other examples including the well- known cluster of male breast cancer as well as childhood cancer and birth defects at camp lejeune, north carolina where more than 60 marines who lived on that base have been diagnosed with male breast cancer. this is an extraordinary and alarming finding. it is almost impossible that could occur by chance alone and it deserves urgent attention. some of the much needed tools to solve disease clusters are found in thef-76, the legislation known as trevor's a lot. this legislation would direct and fun federal agencies to swiftly assessed state and local officials to investigate community concerns about the disease clusters and their causes. it would also create consistent science-based guidelines for a systematic and a team appr
Mar 5, 2011 7:00am EST
it into law. some bs.ieve the issue will be decided at the polls through referendu fla >> lsesrence bell iii has been charged with stalk a.i.g. woman and rs 7- stalking a woman and u eaking iunio her home. bell has known the woman for 20 ofsars. in 1999 he lost the democratic primary to baltimore mayor to now martin oeratalley. >> off, tap k believe they have the east coast rapist in custo. aaron thomas is bs.ieved responsible for raining several women assuo ls four states. the ang. investigators say they cleared Ãsunore than 700 suspee cs. >> an arrest made in the assault of a 61- ofsarde57 woman afacke outsiua a mall in glen bernie friday night. police say andre1-. theris beat the woman after robbing her. court records show ennis no -- is no stranger to crime. ate was arrested for armed robbery in 2002. >>a wood morning. quick check of radar and satellite. chere mig. it be a couple sprinkles on the shoreline of the eastern shore along the bay and down in southern mary iand, parts of calvert county into chaa ses couuniy at t ofs poinr but the main rain is out to the west in pennsylvania an
Mar 11, 2011 11:00pm EST
clinics in broward county, fla., ben mcdonald drive- throughs. people and other parts of the country are hired by drug pushers to get on the bus, go to florida with them. but they all go through the pain clinics, come back with a barrelful of oxycondone and other prescription medicines, or they are sold for 10, 15, 20 times what they paid for them. it and people are dying. because they are too easily obtained. fda has to be a partner in this fight. despite positive efforts in recent years through additional labeling requirements, collaboration with partner agencies, and increase communication with physicians, prescribes, dispensers, and patients still are woefully under informed about the risks associated with these products. fda has to be fully aware of the implications of these drugs before they go to market, which is why congress instituted the requirement for extended release pain drugs in 2007. these programs must be more careful the classified. -- these potent drugs must be more carefully classified. it is reckless, irresponsible, and it is why prescription drug overdoses are k
Mar 15, 2011 6:00am EDT
kirk's operating clinics in broward county, fla., ben mcdonald drive- throughs. people and other parts of the country are hired by drug pushers to get on the bus, go to florida with them. but they all go through the pain clinics, come back with a barrelful of oxycondone and other prescription medicines, or they are sold for 10, 15, 20 times what they paid for them. it and people are dying. because they are too easily obtained. fda has to be a partner in this fight. despite positive efforts in recent years through additional labeling requirements, collaboration with partner agencies, and increase communication with physicians, prescribes, dispensers, and patients still are woefully under informed about the risks associated with these products. fda has to be fully aware of the implications of these drugs before they go to market, which is why congress instituted the requirement for extended release pain drugs in 2007. these programs must be more careful the classified. -- these potent drugs must be more carefully classified. it is reckless, irresponsible, and it is why prescription drug
Mar 3, 2011 7:00am EST
. host: miami, fla. republican, you are on the air. go ahead. caller: president obama offer the earlier 5% cut across the board. i think that is the way to go, because that would solve a lot of the partisan, rhetoric, waste of time. if he proposed it, why hasn't he re-proposed it? that will pass without any problem. guest: i think that is too simplistic to be responsible. we should do better than cut 5% across the board. that is the easiest route, but certainly not responsible. doctors are not going to take 5% from any part of your body. you focused on where the surgery needs to be focused so that you can heal the whole body. a lot of our spending is appropriate and at the level that is necessary. some levels are not as necessary as others, and that is where we should take a surgical approach to cutting spending. the president's budget cuts non-defense discretionary t domestic spending. secretary gates has done a terrific job in finding areas to cut unneeded weapons programs and the like. we are elected to use our best judgment. anyone could come in and take 5% across the board, but i do
Mar 19, 2011 7:00am EDT
are in this situation. host: this is from twitter. palm coast, fla., independent line. caller: there seems to be a lot of people informed on the iraqi invasion. i wish they would watch a forum. it tells about the information concerning the war and it was prescribed by the bush should ministration. host: how do you apply that to what is going on in libya right now? caller: it is the same thing. we are hypocrites. we get involved when it benefits us. we go against its when we want to pursue our own endeavors or what ever. "the wall street journal" discusses the nuclear situation in japan. the u.s. keeps quiet over radiation, is the headline. the head of the nuclear commission will be our guest on our newsmakers program. you can watch it tomorrow starting at 10:00. he will take questions from reporters concerning what is going on. that program is 10:00 tomorrow morning in the 6:00 tomorrow evening on c-span. he will talk about the latest stemming from what is going on in japan. maryland, republican line. caller: i think we are being hypocrites. we say nothing about israel. them killing innocent palestini
Mar 21, 2011 7:00am EDT
voting counts. the turnout is huge for a constitutional vote. let's go to miami, fla., democrats line. caller: i believe the president has done just the right thing. joining the international community in condemning a dictator or retirement, if you would, is the right thing to do. i believe -- i agree with the gentleman that called. i believe he is from ethiopia. the united states needs to look around and realize is for -- are for freedom and democracy. when we were fighting for our own independence, many people came to our aid. these things cannot be done alone. it is time that we do not allow the kinds of abuses that are going on by these horrible men, who think they are god's, and forget they owe their service to the people. this is a message that is loud and clear around the world. i believe the united states cannot afford to hide its head in the ground. host: how far should this go? puc a limit to actions? -- do you see a limit to actions? caller: the libyan people are capable of defending their freedoms. i believe we need to realize -- it is the most humane thing we can do for t
Mar 27, 2011 7:00am EDT
nonexistent said there is no increase in social security payments next year. next is a melbourne fla., looking at the presidential primaries next year. good morning. caller: if i may, i would like to make a comment on the primary and c-span. i would love to have a woman candidate. unfortunately, i do not seem a strong republican. i am an independent so i will make my choice on who is running. i am concerned that there are fewer women in the congress after this last election, so i believe that. in regards to c-span, i hate to comment but you are following a trend i have seen in the most of the media and that is what i am calling crystal ball news casting. you ask everyone what you think will happen. i will leave that, but i also applaud c-span for the vast resources on your website. thank you for that. i would hope to see more of that type of discussion based on experiences and history based on the crystal ball perspective. host: we tried to provide all perspectives. c-span3 focuses on american history and you can look back in our vast archives. as always, we appreciate your comments suggestion
Mar 8, 2011 7:00am EST
a pestañra owecer muertesh@ su fla excva,ma acondia y foece@ el cmientoural, h@despieamerich@deolas m as al ante. h@spiertericaesh@s el cnzo el cmientoural, de agrande >> dicen que nuestros zapatos reflejan nuestra personalidad por eso es bueno mantenerlos y prolongar su existencia. tenemos algunos tips que se va a quedar con la boca abierta. estoy viendo todos los consejos para proloncar la vida de nuestros zapatos y estoymente estoy con la boca abierta. >> es mÁs fácil que nos toquen el marido a que le pase algo al zapato. [risas] la primera forma y lo mÁs importante es saber cÓmo guardarlos en el closet, porque mÁs alto que lo pongamos en el closet menos polvo a tomar del piso. >> nuestros tesoros no estÁn protegidos en el piso. >> y resulta que aquÍ se le pega todo el polvo y la humedad de la casa. >> asÍ no. >> mira! >> este es el mejor artÍculo para poder conservar sus zapatos,. >> y en las cajas originales, para no confundirnos les tomamos una foto y sabemos el zapato que viene y se puede poner uno sobre otro. >> sabes quiÉn hace eso? lilia estefan, saca fotos a sus zapatos
Mar 12, 2011 7:00am EST
, and respond in a way that makes sense. host: tampa, fla., on the republican line. caller: do you think that this could possibly be a muslim terrorist plot to step up bullying and make the little children in america afraid of everyone and everything? since millions of people across the border from mexico every year, are the terrorists to stupid to figure it out and come after us that way? guest: i am surprised that the number of calls that have come in this morning with at this suspicion of the efforts of president obama and school leaders to protect children. it tells you about how far we have to go in terms of really a raising awareness of the bullying question. host: little, kentucky, on the democrats' line. go ahead. caller: the previous caller, his statements or comments, of the people like this do not realize what bullying is. i do not know if you recall, but do you recall the incident with the family that moved here from ireland? the kid was terrorized so bad that she ended up killing herself. she was not gay. there were just the gangs of kids that picked down her. six of them ar
Mar 13, 2011 7:00am EDT
on the first question. host: i think he is gone. let's move onto ed from sarasota, fla., on the republican line. you are on with michael doonan. caller: good morning. opec and the nga orgy 20 -- opec, the g-8 and the g-20 are over added tax cartels. they devalued the dollar by 25%. how do get health care to all the citizens in america when we have these cartels from germany, russia, china, india, brazil, mexico. it is ridiculous. i would just like your opinion on that. thank you. host: michael doonan? guest: the indicted states is the only industrial country that does not provide health insurance to their own. in terms of economic competitiveness, the u.s. pays out far higher in terms of total gross domestic product. we are at 17% almost 18% of our gdp that we spend on health insurance. other states spend a whole lot less than that. 9%, 10%, 11%. there are going to be made that they provide universal health care coverage and can be equally competitive. i think if the u.s. were to provide health insurance more efficiently than we might be able to cover all of our economic gain. businesses pick u
Mar 20, 2011 7:00am EDT
first plants are under way here and there are some like this in europe. host: sarasota, fla., on the democratic line. caller: i would consider using ethanol to replace 85% of our gasoline in the passenger cars. it can be derived from two renewable energy sources like biomass. the amount of energy that you get in using biomass to produce ethanol is substantially larger. second, renewable energy sources and artur dollars million during the carter in administration and this ocean thermal energy research. it ran for four months off of hawaii and produced the exact amount of energy that had been calculated. that energy in can be years with water that is produced to generate oxygen and hydrogen in can been combined with cold and can be converted from coal to ethanol without innovating one molecule for carbon dioxide in producing the ethanol cheaper than any other process. host: think you for the call. guest: was a call for using ethanol is a fuel additive in the 90's in order to reduce the burning of fuel. the production technology back then ended up breaking and contaminating gro
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)